The European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP) is a professional organization of (tenured, full) professors teaching tax law at universities in Europe. There is a special section on EATLP Membership, but I want to stress that we are an open association. Any person can attend our congresses and, as a matter of fact, many of the persons that are active at our congresses do not have the rank of professor and are not a member.

As is indicated in the preamble of the EATLP Statute the founders were aware of the general importance of taxation for the development of the European Union, the wealth of the nations and the welfare of the society. Because of the importance of taxation for the further development of Europe the association wants to contribute to:

  • the development of a common approach to the study of tax issues
  • the harmonisation of taxes within the European Union
  • the promotion of academic teaching & research on international, domestic and comparative taxation at the universities in Europe.

To achieve this goals the Association will

  • organise an annual congress
  • promote contacts between professors of tax law within Europe
  • make efforts to establish tax law curricula at all universities in Europe.

The website provides information on our future congresses and also contains details (including documents) of our past congresses. Further information includes, inter alia:

  • Tax Thesis Award: prizes that are annually awarded jointly by EATLP and the European Commission for doctoral theses on international, comparative or EC tax law.
  • Poster Programme: organized at the annual congress of EATLP.
  • Useful Tax Links: a country-by-country overview of the internet links to the tax departments of the universities represented by our members and other useful organizations in the area of taxation. Members are invited to provide supplementing information to our secretariat.
  • Announcement of international tax conferences. Anyone wanting to bring information regarding forthcoming conferences, seminars, etc. to the attention of the EATLP members are invited to send the relevant information to the EATLP Secretariat. The item will be posted.

I trust that you will inform me not only of your suggestions to improve this website but also of your ideas to further advance the aims of the EATLP.

C├ęcile Brokelind
Chairman of the EATLP EATLP Executive Board