The European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP) is a professional organization of (tenured, full) professors teaching tax law at universities in Europe. There is a special section on EATLP Membership, but I want to stress that we are an open association. Any person can attend our congresses and, as a matter of fact, many of the persons that are active at our congresses do not have the rank of professor and are not a member.

What's new?

The 25th annual meeting of the EATLP has just taken place in Luxembourg. Below you will find my speech given during the General Assembly held on the 8th of June.
The EATLP kindly thanks the Luxembourg university team for its outstanding organization and hospitality, as well as the General Reporter and the Academic Committee for their outstanding work. I would like to thank all our members who attended and actively discussed the scientific topic’s presentations and lifted the hard work by the general reporter, Andres Baéz Moreno. We are now starting the countdown to the next annual meeting to be held in Antwerp, where I hope to meet as many of you as I did recently in Luxembourg.
Have a nice summer!
Cécile Brokelind
Chairwoman of the EATLP -
European Association of Tax Law Professors
Speech Cécile Brokelind
General Assembly 8 June 2023

How to become a member

Read the Membership rules first, fill in the Membership application form and upload the requested documents.

Please click here for the guidelines related to application for EATLP membership.

Please click here for the standard recommendation letter for candidate members.

Dismissal of the accusation of Italian tax law professors

Since 2017 EATLP has followed the developments concerning the judicial investigations on a possible corruption concerning certain Italian tax law professors and members of EATLP. On 18 December 2023, the Tribunal of Venice has ordered the dismissal of the case for the absence “of any concrete evidence” of the wrongdoing by all Italian professors involved.

Call for third-party funding

As an expression of solidarity towards the Ukrainian tax community, EATLP, IBFD and IFA are coordinating a funding scheme for the members of that community (doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, professors and other academics, practitioners, judges and tax officials), whose activities have been disrupted by the war in the Ukraine.
We welcome synergies with further funding entities (e.g. tax and law firms, companies, individuals, public organizations, international organisations, charities, funds, etc.) that may be interested in contributing to support this joint initiative of EATLP, IBFD and IFA for the Ukraine. Further information for interested parties may be obtained upon request by contacting Yolanda Arbon: or

Aid to Ukrainian colleagues